• Dr. Parker Wilson

    Dr. Wilson is a recognized expert in the outpatient treatment of borderline personality disorder (BPD), bipolar depression (BD), complex trauma, major depression, and drug and alcohol addiction.
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  • Jasmine Crane, MA, LPC

    Expertise in mood and anxiety disorders, and disordered eating behaviors. Jasmine brings rare and valuable experience in treating personality disorders, in particular, borderline personality disorder.
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  • The Point of Psychotherapy (part 1)

    In the last century, Doctor Sigmund Freud was once asked what the point of psychoanalysis was. In essence, why should someone spend the time and the money necessary to engage in this process? Dr. Freud replied that the point of analysis was to make the patient psychologically tolerant of what Read More
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  • Can My Marriage Be Saved? (part 1)

    Modern couples face a radically different world than their parents faced. Confronted with economic, family, social, and geo-political stressors that did not exist fifty years ago, modern couples must create meaning from an multi-layered, interdependent, complex, confusing, and always shifting reality. At times one partner may react to these stressors Read More
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  • Can My Teen Be Helped?

    AMI provides adolescent psychotherapy to teens between the ages of 12 and 19. Dr. Wilson has a strong, long-time background in treating adolescent depression and anger, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, and impulse disorders, borderline personality disorder, substance and alcohol abuse, and the effects of divorce, death, and/or emotional, sexual, and Read More
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  • The Point of Psychotherapy (part 2)

    This question is instructive: what has changed here - the car or the man? The car is still the same basic machine it was the day the man drove it off the lot. Aside from a flat tire and a bit of wear and tear, the car hasn't changed much. The Read More
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  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (part 2)

    The second phase of AMI's mindfulness based cognitive psychotherapy is the development of mental clarity and healthy behavior. Aristotle once said, "Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in Read More
  • What Is Suffering? Why Psychotherapy? (part 2)

    Death is a classic and frequent topic of art and philosophy. Why? Because it is the most easily recognized universal human suffering. All humans die. Everyone who is born will Read More
  • Working With Clinical Depression (part 2)

    Questions to Answer: What is your depression narrative? Do some writing about the story of your depression. How do you judge yourself for being depressed? Do you blame yourself, or Read More
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics (part 1)

    As a recovering alcoholic in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and as a doctor of clinical psychology and a psychotherapist in private practice for over ten years, I have observed Read More
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (part 1)

    What is happiness? Most of us mistakenly believe that the presence of transitory pleasure, and the absence of immediate pain, is genuine happiness. For instance, when we get a raise Read More
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