Can My Marriage Be Saved? (part 2)

After this willingness and awareness are present, the Denver marriage counseling process cultivates true communication. It is very easy for us, as human beings, to mindlessly get out of step with each other. This is the primary reason why the old bromide that "relationships are hard work" tends to be true.

Unless we strive to communicate our ongoing, internal lives - unless we actively learn to make room for each others ongoing changes - things will naturally tend to derail and get out of balance. Regaining honest and compassionate communication takes a combination of trust, openness, and courage that many modern couples sometimes lose in the "day-to-day-ness" of their lives. As a marriage therapist in Denver, Dr. Wilson has seen many couples that have simply gotten into an unhealthy routine together. Their relationship goes on a kind of "automatic pilot," and without a conscious direction, eventually a crash of some kind takes place. Sometimes it feels more like things have become "stuck," and a gentle push or a breakthrough of some kind is needed. Either way, however, marital counseling involves learning to genuinely communicate and that is often all that is necessary for a couple to again "take flight" and learn enjoy each other.

Finally, in an ongoing way, couple counseling participants must learn to accept and make room for each other. As a relationship counselor and a marriage counselor in Denver, Dr. Wilson has found that this is the hardest thing for most couples to do. People change as time draws on; therefore patience and kindness (the foundations of acceptance) are the life blood of any long term partnership. Personalities and priorities shift, religious and political beliefs change; the couples economic and family realities may have been dramatically altered since the beginning of their relationship. Learning to be aware of who your partner really is, and then learning to genuinely communicate - these are the foundation of learning to openly accept your partner as he or she is.

Making room for someone you love to evolve and change (when that evolution is totally beyond your control) is often more vulnerable and difficult then it sounds; many people in relationships, somewhere along the line, just simply stopped making room for their partners. AMI's marriage counseling in Denver makes the couple distinctly aware of how this happened between them, and provides a solution. When couple's can master the final step of genuine acceptance, things again radically shift for the better in the relationship. It is at this point that AMI's Denver couples counseling successfully terminates.

Finally, it should be noted, that marriage counseling Denver is not a panacea; nor is relationship counseling capable of "a magic cure." As a relationship counselor and marriage therapist in Denver, Dr. Wilson has noticed that many couple's enter the counseling process with unrealistic expectations. In essence, sometimes relationships are so badly damaged that they can not be fixed. In such cases, marriage counseling in Denver can then become an enlightened, and honest realization of this fact; a process where both people find themselves again and learn to move forward as individuals. If the partnership being dissolved involves children, then making sure the dissolution happens with compassion, understanding, honesty, and patience is all the more important.